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Living Live Human Statues

CIO Networking Event gets bodypainted dancers and Italian statues from Human Statue Bodyart – 12th June 2013… Last night IDG Communications leading publication and brand, CIO, got some extra excitement and positive buzz at their annual CIO Networking event at The Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney. Human Statue Bodyart was engaged to supply dancers and statues for the prestigious event only after IDG Communications had conducted extensive research of the bodypainting, bodyart, human statue and performance art aspects of the Australian entertainment industry. The goals of the CIO Networking event included: to education, to facilitate networking and business opportunities and to do it in a creative, stimulating and entertaining environment (that’s where Human Statue dancers and statue performers came in). The dancers, some of which were painted to compliment surrounding paintings in the gallery.
Living Live Human Statues
modern dance class music
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer
By all accounts, the dancers numerous rehearsals over the past weeks paid dividends, with special guests and management being suitably impressed with the quality of the entertainment. Read the rest of this entry »