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Piano Player Jupp Schmitz Bronze sculpture

Cologne (Köln) Germany: Bronze sculpture of singer Jupp Schmitz

A statue in memory of the poet, comedian and performer Jupp Schmitz is located on the square named after him, which lies parallel to the Hohe Straße.

This sculpture (by Cologne artist Olaf Höhnen) is much smaller than the image suggests. It shows the popular singer Jupp Schmitz (1901-1991) who wrote and performed many songs in his local dialect. His nickname was “Schnäuzer” (“moustache”); the first name “Jupp” is the Cologne version of Joseph. As is indicated by his hat Jupp Schmitz was one of the stars of the Cologne carnival.

Piano Jupp Schmitz Köln

Piano Jupp Schmitz Köln

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