Classic Ballet Barre Workout

Today I give you my classic ballet barre workout. The purpose of this barre is just to build your ballet technique and strength. You can do this ANYTIME – wi…
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  • jankoraven says:

    Thank you so much for this! I had an injury at the beginning of the summer
    (non-dance related) that’s kept me out of classes for about a month and I’m
    glad to have a GOOD resource for something to do at home to work on
    technique to help me feel a little more caught up before Nutcracker season
    starts. Thank you thank you! (And I appreciate your courage to work with
    us even though you’re not back in your “ballerina body” because I certainly
    don’t have one myself and it’s great to see that beautiful technique is not
    dependent on size!)

  • Aim To Create says:

    Love this! Will be doing it soon to get back into taking class again.
    Beautiful playing by the way and love the Downton Abbey one! Keep them
    coming love your channel

  • Elements of Health says:

    Your weight is fine! You’re an awesome dancer! I have Hashimotos thyroid
    condition and am a dance teacher and choreographer so I totally get it,
    people don’t realize what it is like to have no energy as well. Don’t
    hesitate to do your own thing in your own way when the time comes! I love
    your music too, you’re an excellent piano player and I will buy it for my
    ballet kids. 

  • Deborah Snider says:

    Thanks for this. So many people put copyrighted stuff on youtube, but you
    are willing to share. Great piano accompaniment too. 🙂 If you ever sell
    ballet cds I would love to buy.

  • Lara Mason says:

    I’ve just discovered your channel, thank you so much for sharing all this!!

  • Barbara Behan says:

    Have just discovered your videos, and I love them so much…thank you for
    offering a way for people who loved ballet in our younger years to learn
    and enjoy it again as adults. There are no adult ballet classes in my small
    town, so I’m totally excited about yours.I’ve just graduated from your Easy
    Barre to this classic one. Would you consider a version of it without
    intros that we can use once we’ve mastered the sequences? Thank you–and
    your music is beautiful.

  • Lizzy Williams says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been sick for two
    weeks, and now I’m off on a three week break, and this is going to be
    perfect to do while I’m away to get back into the swing of things (my body
    is already aching to get back to class!). I think ballet class CDs are an
    awesome idea; I’m always looking out for those kind of things & would
    definitely purchase yours. Also, thank you for being so open and honest
    about your struggles; I think it’s easy for us aspiring dancers to see
    professionals and imagine they have it easy because they’ve made it into a
    company. It’s important to realize that we all have our own obstacles, no
    matter where we are in our training/career/life, and it’s inspiring to see
    you overcoming yours xx

  • Ειρήνη Ρ. says:

    Thank you soooooo much!!!! You are amazing! 

  • Katie Bringuier says:

    You. Are. Awesome! I was looking for a video just like this so I could keep
    practicing ballet at home. I have one child strapped in the Baby Bjorn and
    one hanging on my leg. May not be the perfect scenario, but I’m thrilled
    just to be able to have instruction. Thank you so much!

  • tara51977 says:

    Hi there! Fellow ballet teacher here. I’m just wondering if you could
    explain why you keep the foot crunched in the half tendus instead of using
    the toes and metatarsals through the ball of your foot. I’m curious if its
    part of a method I’m not familiar with. :)

  • Linda Willis says:

    I have taken ballet all my life, performed and taught as well. Now, at age
    69, I take class once a week at the National Ballet School in Toronto
    Adult Programme. We now have a 5 week break before the Fall term begins.
    HELP !!! This is just what I needed. I’m doing this barre twice a week as
    well as going to the gym in order to keep up my strength. Thank-you so
    much. And yes, CD’s would be wonderful.

  • Vanessa Mitchell says:

    how do you get your extensions so effortless? I have the flexibility to get
    my leg there (if i hold my foot in my hand), but as soon as i develope, its
    as if my hips are stopping me from lifting (maybe its my bad turn out?)

  • R Sims says:

    Thank you so much Kathryn! I graduated last yr with a dance degree but
    haven’t been able to dance much since then, but this video is awesome I’m
    going to use it a lot from now on. I hope someday you can do a full class
    on youtube!!! you’re a wonderful dancer and teacher!

  • Marlo Mysliwiec says:

    This was wonderful! Thank you for this. I’m recovering from a hip surgery
    and this will be extremely helpful for me to get back into shape.

    You NEED to sell CD’s! The music reminded me of my ballet classes in
    college when we had a live musician and he always played disney or broadway
    music! Absolutely loved it! Thank you!

  • Kathryn Morgan says:
  • Mareina Pachir says:

    Thank you for this video it really help and thanks forever thing. looking
    forward to doing more of these work out :)

  • Barbara Verbergt says:

    Loved this workout! Thank you!
    The music is absolutely beautiful!

  • Carla Iacovetti says:

    PS. Thank you again for being so boldly honest about your struggle with
    thyroid health. Many suffer with this, and often don’t know what is
    “really” wrong. I danced for 22 years, got married, and then at 32 started
    having weight gain issues. I actually didn’t find out about my thyroid
    issue until I was well in my 40’s, and I still struggle with it. I I have
    no doubt that you’re going to be back in no time, gracing audiences with
    your amazing talent of movement in dance. :)

  • Hailey Bruce says:

    Thank you so much for this! Is there any chance we could download or buy
    your class music?

  • Bethany Meeker says:

    I love your music and the class was great! This was the first class I have
    taken in several year so I’m feeling a bit out of shape which is why I
    loved the simplicity of your combinations! Thank you again and I can’t way
    to see the other videos you’re going to post! :)

  • oohsoolovelay says:

    Always thought you were a beautiful dancer! After dancing at CPYB and
    becoming injured I no longer take class anymore, this is a great way to
    help me enjoy ballet at home! Thanks for this and look forward to more!

  • Kira Obermeier says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me! I feel
    honored. Is there any way we can see some shots of you from the side
    during these barre videos? I think it might help those of us still working
    to find proper alignment. Thanks again!

  • Carole Krohn says:

    Oh Kathryn, thank you so much for sharing with us. I am long past my prime
    as a performer and now teach every day. It is so nice to have this barre
    for ~myself. You are inspiring. Looking forward to your technique specific
    videos to come. <3 XOXOXO!!!

  • Stephanie Martinez says:

    I LOOOVEE your music (and the workout as well hehe), it sounds beautiful
    ….please please pleaseee make a CD or ITUNES…I will totally buy it =)

  • Carole M Pluckrose says:

    Hello, it’s 2019 and this 65 year old has just found you😁 Where can I find your earlier and later classes, please? I can only manage 1 class a week, so this could be a huge help.

    Thank you

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