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The Snow Queen
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String Quartet "The Snow Queen"

Hans Christian Andersen, Fairy Tales and Stories, "The Snow Queen"

Downloadable MP3 HERE!

Music by Boris Yakshov

The tale illustrated by Vladislav Yerko

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Hans Christian Andersen, Fairy Tales and Stories, "The Snow Queen", Illustration by Vladislav Yerko

First Story - Wicked hobgoblin - Illustration by Vladislav Yerko   Second part - Gerda and Kay - Illustration by Vladislav Yerko

Third pard - I don't believe it! Adagio. Illustration by Vladislav Yerko   Herda's heart - Illustration by Vladislav Yerko

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Ballet masters and dancers are continuously looking for music for classical ballet. Usually there must be paid for good music. But here you can download all music free of charge.

Our site isnít commercial, and is maintaining its existence by advertisings and by donations. So please support us!

Most of ballet class music which we are providing you are composed and recorded by the siteís owner: Boris Yakshov. All rights reserved. You are allowed to download music, record it on CDs and use it on ballet lessons or on self training. Public performance can only be allowed with the permission of the author.

In our download section each user is allowed to download 3-5 files daily. This is made to save the bandwidth. Each time when I upload a new music I will inform you. Your should download the files in the next days.

I need to know your opinion about the temp and character of the music, which music pieces do you want to get. In some of the music pieces I can change the temp on your special request. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail or write in our guestbook. Also I will setup the forum for dancemelody.

Newest download - Plie. This piece was recorded in improvisation style, on fly:
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